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BioWare hasn't exactly kept a clean record when it comes to proper DLC practices. However,... posted Apr 14, 14 4:29pm

A number of new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots have recently surfaced, depicting two of... posted Mar 24, 14 6:41pm

BioWare today released a not-quite trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, to help us rediscover... posted Mar 06, 14 1:03pm

BioWare has a pretty healthy following of cosplayers, and they're all for it. Like Bethesda... posted Feb 04, 14 4:55pm

The year is winding down to a close, but BioWare doesn't want their fans to think they're just... posted Dec 19, 13 6:29pm

Looks like BioWare wants some more fan feedback on how to proceed with Dragon Age: Inquisition.... posted Oct 10, 13 4:06pm

For all you Dragon Age fans wondering how your decisions across the previous two games will... posted Aug 28, 13 4:33pm

Dragon Age Inquisition looks like it may be a huge improvement over Dragon Age II. In the... posted Aug 20, 13 4:09pm

BioWare continues talking Dragon Age Inquisition, and this time, it's all about the war in... posted Aug 19, 13 7:04pm

BioWare has been paying attention to the fans, so Dragon Age Inquisitions will definitely be... posted Aug 16, 13 2:23pm

One of the many complaints people had about Dragon Age 2 was that the game only made humans... posted Aug 14, 13 4:56pm

BioWare did not endear themselves to a lot of people with the Dragon Age 2, which many folks... posted Jul 25, 13 5:23pm

In a staff blog over on the BioWare forums, the development studio slipped in the first officially released... posted Jun 26, 13 9:06am

As many already guessed, Dragon Age: Inquisition -- formerly Dragon Age III -- made its debut today at E3 during... posted Jun 10, 13 9:07pm

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