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As Jonathan Harker, you must hunt down the vampire Dracula and vanquish him for good. Follow a trail from London to Transylvania, exploring areas like the insane asylum, Dracula's castle, underground prisons, and Dracula's last sanctuary. Phoenix VR technology allows for 360-degree panoramic exploration. Solve numerous puzzles and battle deadly creatures in this story-driven adventure.


  • 20 Characters modeled in 3D and motion capture animation for stunning realism
  • Cinematic quality cut-scenes
  • Phoenix VR technology for 360 degrees panorama
  • Fully immersive storyline
  • Graphically rich environments to explore

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/95/ME/XP
Pentium 166 (200 recommended)
32MB RAM (64 recommended)
16bit video card
16bit Soundcard
8X CD-ROM drive

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