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Product Wiki Description: During the 19th century, a member of the order of knights investigates murders leading to vampires, the true rulers of Europe. Stronger than ever before due to hundreds of years of feeding on innocents, who will prevail in the end?
5 types of weapon for the destroyer of evil
15 terrible monsters
11 enormous levels
RPG elements: character develops habits in proportion to events
Stylish sound tracks in the tradition of horror films
Windows xp
Pentium III 1.2 GHz
256 Mb. RAM
64 Mb. DirectX 9-...
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Release Date (North America):June 2007 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):none submitted submit new
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Themes:Gothic, Alternate Reality, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Historical, Film Noir, Supernatural/Occult submit new
Publisher:IncaGold submit new
Developer:Wolf Group submit new
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