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Divinity: Original Sin is a CRPG for PC and the prequel to 2001's Divine Divinity. Players can create two characters who serve as the protagonists of the story; another player can control the second character in the game's online co-op mode. The two heroes are tasked with rooting out the dangerous practitioners of a mysterious magical power called "the Source."

It is the first turn-based RPG entry in the series, where players control their characters on isometric maps across a variety of areas populated with reactive NPCs, enemies and environments. Players can interact with any object on the map not fixed in place and can use them in many ways to overcome the various challenges throughout the game.

Original Sin includes the same game editor used by the developers themselves to make the game, allowing players to create their own adventures which they can share with friends. Official Site
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Belgian developer Larian Studios announced this past weekend their plans to bring Divinity:... posted May 15, 15 9:43am

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D: OS now for sale on GOG, 100% DRM-Free :) http://bit.ly/1x7XHKR DivinityOriginalSin PC

What's cool about it: We're offering a Fair Price Package with this title, so everyone who is adversely affected by the regional pricing plan will be compensated with bonus codes. You will find yours in your order confirmation email. Become part of a...

It's rather amazing what a passionate fanbase can do to keep their favorite franchises alive... posted Jun 30, 14 10:22am

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Trailer and release date: http://bit.ly/1pxWYSJ DivinityOriginalSin PC
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The Kickstarter campaign ends in 42 hours. I hope they reach the $1 mill stretch goal :) DivinityOriginalSin PC

Kickstarter and Indigogo are the way to go. After just two weeks since launching the Divinity: Original Sin... posted Apr 09, 13 1:25pm

Divinity: Original Sin has already been in development for a few good years now, but developer Larian Studios is... posted Mar 27, 13 7:16pm

A new video in for co-op RPG Divinity: Original Sin features something I've never seen before: a visual... posted Nov 08, 12 6:43am

A new, very brief video for Larian Studios' RPG Divinity: Original Sin is here, and while it doesn't show much,... posted Nov 01, 12 8:04am

Larian Studios, the company behind the long-standing Divinity franchise, was at E3 this year to show two more... posted Jun 11, 12 5:24pm

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