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Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga is an epic role-playing game on PC and Xbox 360, that combines the complete adventures of the legendary dragon Knight.

This incredible RPG includes the entirely remastered and improved version of Ego Draconis, the original adventure of the Divinity II saga. The content of this edition as well as its graphic engine have both been much improved and overhauled, in order to provide a more beautiful and richer game experience!

Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga also includes the brand new adventure Flames of Vengeance, which adds dozens of hours of gameplay to the original story, and packs loads of new quests, creatures and items, as well as a spectacular finale to this great saga!

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Become the Ultimate Hero: You are a shape-shifting Dragon Knight, ready to explore Rivellon, a huge fantasy world rife with mystery and conflict. Visit quiet hamlets, brave haunted ruins and lay waste to the enemy's majestic flying fortresses as you strategically alternate between your human and dragon forms.
Over 60 Hours of Gameplay: Make your choices as you solve over 180 of quests, and develop your character as you see fit in a classless RPG that allows unlimited combinations of over 50 spells, skills and abilities.
New and Improved: Experience a revised game engine with improved graphics and performance, as well as various gameplay innovations based on gamer community feedback.

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