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Average Review Score: 6.4/10

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Dino Crisis Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Gamer's Hell 8.5/10 Sep 15 '00
Actiontrip 56% Oct 28 '00
Daily Radar UK  --- Jul 27 '00
EuroGamer 5/10 Oct 19 '00
Game Over 62% Sep 19 '00
GamesDomain  --- Oct 16 '00
GameSpot 5.6/10 Jan 03 '01
Gamespot UK 6.5/10 Aug 10 '00
Gamespy 53% Jul 01 '01
Gibworld 70% May 15 '00
Happy Puppy 7.5/10 Jan 18 '01
IGN PC 6.4/10 Dec 21 '00
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Dino Crisis Previews

website publish date article rating
Game Surge Apr 24 '00
Games Radar UK Jun 30 '00
Gamespot UK Apr 19 '00
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Quoted from Dino Crisis Reviews:
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"Fans of Resident Evil and of survival horror games in general will enjoy the usual strong points of Capcom's games, like: great atmosphere and in Dino Crisis' case, relatively deep gameplay, but I guess this game proved to be one PSX1-port-without-mouse-support too many for this reviewer. "
"You'll encounter some genuine moments of surprise when, after searching around for a certain key or item, a 'raptor appears from the shadows and gnaws at your face - it can be pretty startling. "
"...puzzles are ridiculously simple... creepy atmosphere... excellent choice of soundtrack... graphics in Dino Crisis are just not good enough..."
"...plenty of awkward visual moments partly due to the fact the maximum resolution is only 640x480... excellent panic moments in the game... they decided to include the stair and door transitions that the PlayStation uses as a means to load up the next area..."
"One thing that will probably stop people from buying Dino Crisis is the fact that it is a Playstation port. Do not let that stop you from looking into Dino Crisis. Sometimes Playstation ports are not that great on the PC, but Dino Crisis appears to have a good balance between action, challenging puzzles and an intricate plot . If you want a great thriller for your PC then look for Dino Crisis when it comes out. "