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Devil Inside Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Actiontrip 77% Apr 27 '00
Computer Games Online 3.5/5 Oct 29 '00
EuroGamer 7/10 Jun 16 '00
Game Over 69% Nov 16 '00
Game Power Australia 2.5/4 Dec 02 '00
GameCenter 6/10 Nov 20 '00
Games Radar UK  --- Oct 31 '00
GamesDomain  --- Jun 08 '00
Gamespot UK 8.5/10 Apr 19 '00
Gibworld 68% Jul 11 '00
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Devil Inside Previews

website publish date article rating
PC Games Jun 06 '00
3dgaming Apr 06 '00
CheckOut May 04 '00
Computer Games Online Oct 12 '00
Computer Games Online Mar 22 '00
GamesDomain Apr 04 '00
Gamespot UK Feb 18 '00
Gamespot UK Sep 21 '99
IGN PC Oct 18 '00
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Quoted from Devil Inside Reviews:
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"In Devil Inside, your motivation is considerably less humanitarian: you're just trying to get good ratings. You see, you're the star of a bizarre television show. The show only airs once a month, and it features the weird, paranormal, Satanic, or otherwise horrifying. As the star, it's your job to keep things interesting, which translates into plenty of action. Shadow-sneaking, stealthy Thief players need not apply: this game is all about killing with style."
"Once you start The Devil Inside for the first time, you cannot avoid a feeling of déjà vu; mostly because of the fact that it is a complete copy of Eidos' Soul Reaver. The engine is a bit different but the entire game has a lot of similarity to the third sequel of the Legacy of Kain. The Devil Inside uses contemporary 3D technologies, which provide a great atmosphere and action."
"If you're ready for a break from the monotony of shooters, Devil Inside is just what you need. You'll get plenty of weapons, zombies and a supportive audience that will inspire you to unravel the mysteries of this haunted house … and hopefully help those Nielsen ratings!"
"Devil Inside is an action adventure from the same guy who brought us Alone in the Dark, one Hubert Chardeau. This time the setting is, and I quote, "the crazy world of Californian cable television." Eh, ok. More specifically, you play former cop Dave Ackland, now a journalist of unusual proclivities."
"...premise of the game is, to say the least, bizarre... when Dave gets into a jam, his darker side emerges, as Deva, a beautiful female devil... your friendly cameraman tags along behind. If he takes damage, your screen shows static; if he dies, you lose the picture entirely..."