Deus Ex is a first person shooter/RPG game set in the future. A virus called the gray death is infecting many people in the U.S. Enter J.C. Denton, a nano-augmented human. He works with UNATCO to make sure that the only cure for the virus, ambrosia, doesn't fall into the wrong hands. After some major events unfold, J.C. begins to question his allegence to UNATCO.


  • The game incorporates the best elements of role-playing, action, adventure, and 1st person shooter genres into a chaotic blend of real world conspiracies, cliffhangers and plot twists.
  • Invent a compelling alter ego. Employ nanotech augmentations and determine which weapons and objects you need to survive. Will you be the charismatic master manipulator, the shrewd and stealthy tactician, or the deadly avenging angel?
  • Explore a richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react logically to your every action. The decisions and consequences are yours.
  • Utilization of the latest Digital Dolby 5.1 will bring anew level of realism to the environments and power to the music.

Hardware Requirements

CPU Type: Pentium II
CPU Speed in MHz: 300MHz
Hard Drive Space: 150MB
Sound Card: DirectX compliant
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Video Card: DirectX compliant 3D accelerator
Graphics Type: 3D accelerated
Compatible Devices:
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0a

Recommended System Specs:
CPU Type: AMD Althlon or Pentium III
RAM: 128MB
Hard Drive Space: 750MB
Sound Card: EAX or A3D compliant
CD Drive Speed: 8X
Video Card: 3D accelerator
Video RAM in MB: 16MB
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0a

Official URL

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Game Of The Year Edition DeusEx PC

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Probably the 4th greatest game I've ever played. DeusEx PC
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Probably the 2nd greatest game I've ever played. DeusEx PC

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No game will ever match this DeusEx PC
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Good actually DeusEx PC
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absolutely beautiful. nothing has ever kept my attention for so long... even my...

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