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Within this awe-inspiring, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS world, a fighting saga begins. Control a party of three — a fighter, a sorcerer and a rogue — in a quest to right a wrong and shape the future. Switch characters on the fly to exploit each warrior's specialized fighting styles (projectile/ranged, melee and sneak combat) and maximize each character's attributes. The right moves will build the party into a well-balanced fighting trio.


  • Beautiful cinematics combined with varied and exciting gameplay will push the fantasy action and adventure genre to an entirely new level
  • Captivating storyline, written by the best selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore
  • Intense, fast action battles against fifteen or more enemies which demand the use of devastating combination attacks
  • Choose to play as one of the trio of characters, or "switch on the fly", using each one to strategically battle your way through the game

Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000/XP
1000 MHz CPU
256 MB RAM
2.8Gb MB available hard drive space
Nvidia GeForce 2+ or ATI Radeon 3-D accelerator
Supports EAX and A3D Audio

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