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You thought the terror was over, but the worst is yet to come…

Dementium II picks up right where the critically-acclaimed original left off. Waking up
from brain surgery in a mysterious prison, you must find your way to freedom. That
alone would be hard enough, but why do you sometimes shift to a hellish parallel world?
And how is it that you’ve seemingly sent yourself postcards – leaving a trail that you
hope leads to salvation, but that you fear leads to utter damnation. Is this the effects of the
surgery, or are you seeing reality for the first time?

Game Play


• Frighteningly Pretty: All-new and enhanced graphics for the PC remake of the 2010 DS game.

• Horrifically Improved: A better save system, an on-screen map, and the ability
to use a flashlight and a weapon at the same time are but a few of the vast
improvements made in this sequel.

• Dreadfully Bigger: Vast complexes and expansive outdoor areas combine to
make Dementium II over twice as big as its predecessor with dozens of areas to

• Terrifying Diversity: Travel between the real world and a hellish alternate
dimension to find the key to your madness.

• New Scare Tactics: Be prepared to face new monsters, find new weapons, solve
new puzzles and have new nightmares in this fiendish sequel.

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DS horror game Dementium 2 is, quite surprisingly, seeing some new life on PC soon, where it's being remade with... posted Aug 31, 12 7:38am

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