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Hunt a variety of animals including four different types of Deer, as well as Black Bears, Brown Bears, Elk and more. Six hunting locations include areas in Texas, Michigan, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Mexico. With over 17 types of sporting arms and 30 hunting accessories, Deer Hunter 5 is a realistic hunting game.


  • Carry a second sporting arm and other essential gear for your hunt using the all new backpack.
  • Escape to the songs of birds, crickets and coyotes.
  • Control non-game critters, fog effects, reflective surfaces and other elements in your hunting environment.
  • Participate in multiplayer hunts with 'bot' hunters or challenge your buddies to a tournament and hunt over your broadband connection.
  • Pursue a single deer season after season and watch it grow from fawn, to spike buck to a thrilling world-class trophy.

Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 95, 98 or ME Processor: Pentium® II 400MHz or 100% compatible (Pentium® II 500Mhz or better recommended) Memory: 128MB RAM (256MB or more recommended) Hard Disk Space: 800MB free hard drive space Video: 16MB 3D accelerated video card (32MB or better 3D accelerated video card recommended) Sound: DirectX® compatible soundcard
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