I, DEADPOOL, am here to tell you about all the awesomeness that is my new video game! That’s right – I’ve taken over High Moon Studios in order to develop the world’s first-ever video game dedicated to yours truly, ME – DEADPOOL! You may know me as the “Merc with a Mouth,” which means there will be plenty of ME talking to YOU in the game, along with ALL of my favorite things: katanas, big guns (and not just these amazing arm muscles – check!), hot chicks, cameos from some of my X-MEN friends (ooh, spandex!), chimichangas, bouncy houses, and of course…ME!!! I also “invited” my old Marvel pal Daniel Way, who’s put together some of my zaniest comic book adventures ever, to give my DEADPOOL video game a story that pays tribute to ME more than ever! So what are you waiting for? Go write amazing chocolatey editorial goodness about my DEADPOOL game!!!

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  • You Get to Play ME – DEADPOOL! Bored after years of stealing the show as part of an ensemble cast, I’m finally delivering what all my loyal fans have asked for – nay, DEMANDED – an entire video game featuring me and what I want to do…or what I want you to do to me…no, wait, as me. That includes appearances by some of my X-MEN friends - Not ‘cuz I need help (I don’t), but ‘cuz Marvel paid me to (wink). I might have made a few changes so you see things like I do. (You can thank me later, Psylocke.)
  • So Many Shiny Toys, So Little Time! No video game of mine would be complete without a lot of shiny new guns (bang!), blades (poke!), explosives (boom), duct tape (quack!) and a buttload of other things for me to play with! To capture all of my good sides, I made High Moon Studios make a third-person action game – and yes, my bottom is my best side.
  • An All-New Full Frontal Pictorial Story About Me! My Marvel writing hostage buddy Daniel Way (Secret Invasion, Dark Reign) and I have been through many life-changing things together, including visits to a lot of authentic taco stands. (Free life lesson: If it’s hot going in, it’ll be HOT coming out!) Daniel has put together a story that shows off my specialness like never before!
  • [b]Fourth Wall…Schmourth Wall!!! – I like breaking walls, especially the fourth one! Why play a game about me when we can’t even talk to each other? I like you. Don’t you like me? Let’s get married. Why are you ignoring me? FINE!!! I’m breaking up with you! I miss you so much. Let’s get back together. Hold me…(and that was just a taste…).
  • Did I Mention This is a DEADPOOL Video Game? This is a DEADPOOL video game! That means you get to enjoy over-the-top-poop-your-pants action, smokin’ hot babes and tacos! Not necessarily all together or in that order. (What about that time when…?) Hey! NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

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