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Visit the mysterious town of Greenvale with Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut and discover more secrets through the new scenarios, bask in the beauty with redefined graphics and move with greater freedom with a complete control overhaul.

Greenvale, a sleepy town in the US mid-west, has fallen prey to the Red Seed Murders. With local law enforcement unaccustomed to the high profile nature, it is up to FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan to find the murderer, unravel the mysteries of Greenvale and survive the locals.


Deadly Premonition is a third-person survival horror where Players take the role of FBI Agent Francis York Morgan in his quest to solve a mysterious murder as he sets out to investigate a rural town.


Graphical Overhaul
Explore Greenvale in greater detail with a complete graphical overhaul. Featuring a host of improvements including redrawn textures, improved lighting and new shading.

Additional Storyline
Experience a new perspective to the critically acclaimed storyline with new scenarios at the beginning and end of the game. Written by director Swery, these new scenarios will delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Greenvale and reveal more secrets about the sleepy town - are you prepared to witness a new truth?!

Downloadable Content
Additional content exclusive to download will be available, including new costumes for York and residents of Greenvale as well as usable items to aid your investigation.
  • Explore the lifelike town of Greenvale, with a real 24 hour clock, weather cycles and the lives of the residents
  • Maintain Agent York's daily appearance to influence inhabitant perceptions
  • Travel the landscape with a variety of cars which can be maintained as they consume fuel and accumulate damage
  • Tons of side-quests and mini-games like fishing, darts and collecting trading cards

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