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Dead Rising 2 features a return to Fortune City but this time with a twist. What if Frank West, the photojournalist and hero from the original Wilamette tragedy, was the main character in Fortune City instead of Chuck Greene from the original Dead Rising 2? Off the Record places players in control of Frank West as he takes the place of Chuck Greene in the Fortune City zombie outbreak. The story changes a bit (with extra bosses and other features) and there is an entirely new area (a theme park) for Frank to explore in Fortune City.

Just like in the original Dead Rising, Frank West can use his camera to take pictures of zombies and other events to gain extra Prestige Points (PP). Off the Record mixes up the missions to keep things feeling fresh and there are some new events as well. On top of the extras, there is also an extra sandbox mode where players can complete challenges. Both the main campaign and the extra mode have co-op play - one player will play as Frank West and the other will play as Chuck Greene.
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