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Dead Island Epidemic is an MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game where players take control of three teams and battle each other for control points or team up while facing hordes of undead creatures from the Dead Island series. Just like in the other Dead Island games, players can build their own weapons for battling the undead.

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May 19, 14 10:26am
It's that early access magic - http://neo.ly/1nZgWoj DeadIslandEpidemic PC

It's here, Dead Island: Epidemic has entered Steam Early Access today, starting at $16.99 fans can enter this ZOMBA game and get into the action. To top off this occassion we're seeing Sam B thrown in as a playable character with more weapons upgrade...

Dead Island: Epidemic is entering closed beta, and registration has officially begun. We really... posted Feb 07, 14 5:08am

Deep Silver has lifted the veil off Dead Island: Epidemic, and it's not the MOBA we expected to... posted Aug 21, 13 8:39pm

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