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Average Review Score: 7.4/10

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Dead Island Reviews

website score publish date article quality
IGN PC 8/10 Sep 07 '11
Computer and Video Games /10 Sep 05 '11
Computer and Video Games 6.5/10 Sep 05 '11
GameSpot /10 Sep 06 '11
Gamespy 4.5/5 Sep 11 '11
GameZone 7.5/10 Sep 19 '11
Strategy Informer 6.0/10 Sep 07 '11
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Dead Island Previews

website publish date article rating
GameZone May 20 '11
Neoseeker Jul 15 '11
Destructoid Feb 17 '11
EuroGamer Mar 17 '11
Games Radar Mar 04 '11
Games Radar Aug 01 '11
Games Radar May 17 '11
GameSpot Jun 15 '11
GameSpot May 16 '11
GameSpot Mar 02 '11
Gamespy Sep 02 '11
Gamespy Aug 02 '11
GameZone Sep 01 '11
GameZone Sep 01 '11
Gaming Excellence Jun 10 '11
IGN PC Mar 03 '11
IGN PC Feb 16 '11
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Quoted from Dead Island Reviews:
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"This budget zombie thriller ain't too pretty but could manage to capture a cult following."
"Trailer trash?"
" Much hullabaloo surrounded the recent release of the artfully constructed trailer for Dead Island, but as the internet knows all too well, a little CG trickery means naught for actual gameplay. Well, we’ve now seen how Dead Island plays, and it’s definitely promising, even if what we’ve seen didn’t have anything to do with the characters from the trailer (and we still don’t know if that actual family or those events are in the game at all). The important detail we took away from our demo is that Dead Island wants to bring the “survival” back into the horror genre... ..."
" Zombies in recent games have become fodder; minor footnotes in some larger story. In Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead, “normal” zombies are like filler to keep you from getting bored between the bigger events (don’t get us wrong – we love those games). Dead Island seeks to return to the old Resident Evil model where a single zombie can be a threat. In fact, a single Dead Island zombie is probably the most deadly threat yet seen in the annals of videogame zombiedom. This game is freakin’ hard... ..."
"Talk about rotteny-meaty crunches and thuds. We just brained our fiftieth zombie and somehow the enjoyment of it has come back. See, after the initial thrill of such physical, solid melee smackings of all things undead, beating corpses to re-death became mundane. We were worried that the combat in Dead Island would get routine and boring quickly, but then out of the blue, as we were curb-stomping a gray-skinned woman in a bikini and then following up our foot-to-cranium with clawhammer-to-cranium, the sheer bass sound of the impact and the... ..."