DC Universe is the first proper MMORPG to be announced for the Playstation 3. The game is being developed and published by SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). Comic Book drawer and writer, Jim Lee is also enlisted to produce the game using his artworks for the many characters of the DC Universe. The concept is simple, you design and play as your own made up character in the DC Universe and then it's your choice to use your powers to be a hero or villain. You will also see many familiar faces in DC Universe Online including the Batman himself, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Bizzaro, Freeze, Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many many more. Fight alongside Batman and fight the Joker or help the insane Joker take down Batman, the choice is completely yours!

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Loto Drandel
Jan 14, 12 11:23am
this game is AMAZING!!! going as a Villain or a Hero makes things crazier...currently making a few characters for a storyline of my own DCUniverseOnline PC

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