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In Dark Forces II, you (Kyle Katarn) must prevent seven Dark Jedi from discovering the hidden Jedi powers by a Jedi burial site. During your quest for peace, you will be granted Jedi powers. What you do with these powers makes all the difference in the galaxy. If you make the right decisions, you will remain on the light side of the force, but if you choose greed, you will get sucked into the dark side.

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GREAT game. it had an awsome storyline, and it was easy to play. i mean it didn't take...


The graphics are a little off and when I have been playing a while it will get a...


Jedi Knight is the story after the sceond death star is destroyed, I a new dark jedi,...


this is a reall fun game. the graphics are a bit weak but the game is still fun. the...


Which do you prefer: the Dark Side, or the Light Side? Choose in Jedi Knight: Dark...

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