CSI: New York Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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CSI: New York Reviews

website score publish date
Game Boomers D Dec 17 '08
Gamezebo 3.5/5 Apr 01 '09
GameZone 5.3/10 Jan 05 '09
IGN PC 5.8/10 Dec 04 '08
Just Adventure + B- Dec 19 '08
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CSI: New York Previews

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HookedGamers.com Oct 16 '08
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GameZone on Jan 06 '09

"While it's an entertaining romp for the first hour or so, the game will tire quickly on the player. The show is much more exciting than the video game so it's best to stick to watching CSI on your..."

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IGN PC on Dec 06 '08

"CSI: NY - The Game isn't as exciting as the source material it's based on. Due to the nature of the game, it can't encompass the action or dynamic camera angles of the TV show. In addition, there's..."

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Just Adventure + on Dec 19 '08

"The game has its own unique charm for part of the first case. Then it simply wears out, and you get the feeling that you’re not really doing any detective work, but that the game is simply pushing..."

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