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Average Review Score: 9.3/10

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Crysis Reviews

website score publish date
Gamers hell 9/10 Jan 03 '08
Actiontrip  91/100 Nov 14 '07
EuroGamer  --- Nov 13 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.8/10 Dec 14 '07
Game Over 94/100 Jan 09 '08
GamePro 4.75/5 Nov 13 '07
GameSpot 9.5/10 Nov 13 '07
Gamespy 4.5/5 Dec 05 '07
IGN PC 9.4/10 Nov 12 '07
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Crysis Previews

website publish date
1UP Feb 10 '06
Gamespy May 15 '06
IGN PC May 04 '06
1UP Aug 24 '06
IGN PC Sep 12 '07
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1UP on Aug 25 '06

"While Crysis is still early-ish, the biggest questions still surrounding the game will remain performance-based. Obviously, the game takes advantage of DirectX 10 and looks better than almost..."

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EuroGamer on Nov 13 '07

"If you're an FPS-eater of any calibre then you should probably buy Crysis. It's going to run on any machine that will run Half-Life 2, although without a tricked-out DirectX 10-supporting behemoth..."

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GameSpot on Nov 13 '07

"Crysis is visually stunning, packed with intelligent, thrilling gameplay, and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made."

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IGN PC on Sep 14 '07

"Our little time with the game was fun, though much easier than we had expected it would be. Yerli did recommend that any hardcore shooter fans should ratchet the difficulty up to hard when the game..."

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