Croc's back in an exciting new adventure as he searches for his long lost parents. Join Croc's journey as he explores over 40 levels within four Gobbo tribe villages, each packed with unique Gobbos, mischievous monsters, and tons of surprises.


  • Solve puzzles, unlock doors, and access treasures in Croc's quest for the Golden Gobbo

  • Earn crystals by defeating and eliminating mischievous Dantinis and bosses

  • Save Gobbos using Croc's infamous Tail and Spin attacks

  • Explore 12 levels within 4 Gobbo worlds

  • For 1 player action only

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98, Intel Pentium II 266MHz MMX processor (Intel Pentium II
350MHz MMX processor recommended)
32MB RAM (64MB RAM recommended)
4x speed CD-ROM (8x speed CD-ROM recommended)
DirectX compatible graphics card with 4MB of RAM (Voodoo2 or Direct3D
compatible graphics card with 12MB of RAM recommended)
DirectX compatible sound card (Soundblaster Live! sound card recommended)
32MB free hard drive space

Official URL

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Da Ork and 5 others own Croc II
Fun game though I never really got that involved. Was never as good as the first one. Croc2 PC
I've loved it since I was 3. Don't judge me. Croc2 PC
secret revealer played Croc II
I bought it at a flea market, it's cute! Croc2 PC

Croc 2 is really cool! it's a huge game lengthing for quite awhile, meaning hours of...

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