25th century.

Pandemia System: a futuristic world where law and order has been replaced by a tidal wave of terror and crime. The Human Federation decides to frame one of its best men, Garm Tiger, for treason and disobeying orders and sentences him to spend the rest of his days on one of the planet's prison cities. This is Garm's cover as he begins the most crucial mission of his life..


Crime Cities is a revolutionary mix of shooter and future vehicle simulator with a complex plot, an explosive environment and life-threatening missions that are so mind-blowing, flying a hovercraft through a myriad of city skyscrapers will seem like the easy part of the job


  • Over 100 branching missions

  • 50 different cars to use

  • More than 20 different weapons

  • 3 individual cities (plus tutorial city)

  • Wide array of vehicle modifications

  • Full freedom of movement in a 3D environment

  • Varied AI for different enemies

  • Fast paced shooting and tactical game play

  • Amazing explosions, spectacular weather effects and environmental sound

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000
Pentium II 200 MHz (recommended 233 MHz)
32 MB RAM (recommend 64 MB RAM)
OpenGL compatible 3D accelerated graphics card with 4 MB VRAM
DirectX 6.0
Sound car

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