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Command and Conquer: The Aftermath is the second mission disk to Red Alert. Aftermath introduces 7 new units for both solo and multiplayer games. In addition to 18 new missions, there's 100 new multiplayer maps.


Players move their units around a map, while constructing their own defense station and bringing the offensive upon their enemies, in this futuristic Real-time Strategy. Victory is only attained after utterly defeating the opponent, or after completing certain tasks during missions.


  • Expansion pack including 18 new missions, 7 new units, and 100 new multiplayer map
  • Online play supporting up to 8 people
  • New plotlines added to accompany the new single, and multi-player missions

Hardware Requirements

System: 486/66 or equivalent RAM:8 MB RAM CD-ROM: 2X CD-ROM Video Memory: 1 MB VRAM Hard Drive Space: 30 MB Mouse: Yes Sound Board: Yes

Official URL

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Read Alert The Aftermath was actually the second expansion pack released for Red Alert...

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