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Play as either the Global Defense Initiatve (GDI) and try and save the world, or as the Brotherhood of Nod (NOD) and try and take over the world. Using infantry and vehicles, some unique others shared, to try and crush the enemy. Units like the Mammoth Tank and Obelisk of Light represent the pinnacle of your destructive power, whether you're trying to save the world or terrorise it.


  • Play as either the terrorist organization Brotherhood of Nod (NOD) or the peacekeeping Global Defense Initiative (GDI)
  • Each side has unique missions, troops, and buildings
  • 15 missions for each side

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It's a sad fact in our industry that some some in-development games die well before they're... posted Oct 29, 13 12:05pm

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I originally played this on the PC. It's better on the PC, but the PSX version delivers as well. This game stole my life. CommandandConquer PSX
got it for free in a pc mag CommandandConquer PSX
Starcraft is an RTS revolution? Clearly this is in't the case when you put it up against a pioneer of the genre and made the genre what... CommandandConquer PSX

One of my dad's friends let us borrow this game and we soon became very addicted to it...

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