Combat Command 2: Desert Rats Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.1/10

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Combat Command 2: Desert Rats Reviews

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Computer Games Online 4/5 Oct 11 '01
Gamepen 3.5/5 Sep 23 '01
Gamespy 83/100 Sep 22 '01
IGN PC 6.0/10 Aug 21 '01
IntelGamer 65% Nov 02 '01
MPOG 3/5 Nov 06 '01
PC Arena 3.5/5 Sep 26 '01
The Armchair Empire 7.9/10 Oct 28 '01
WarGamer  --- Sep 29 '01
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Computer Games Online on Oct 12 '01

"Few games do as good a job as Desert Rats does at illustrating the historical lessons you may have read, and doing so in a thoroughly enjoyable way."

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Gamepen on Sep 24 '01

"While it might not be the best looking, or totally realistic, wargame on the market, it does cover an area of WWII combat that has seen little coverage elsewhere, and does it quite well. I could..."

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Gamespy on Sep 24 '01

"Great, war gaming grognard game. Includes many of the strategic challenges present in HPS's Panzer Campaign and Talonsoft's Operational Art of War without the steep learning curve."

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IGN PC on Aug 22 '01

"Ultimately this is just a tabletop game on the desktop... Considering the suggested price of $40, you might be better off checking your hobby stores for a copy of Panzer Leader."

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IntelGamer on Nov 05 '01

"...I don’t recall many computer games that attempt to recreate the African Campaign of WW2. This game will do it justice, but without the glitz some gamers have come to need."

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