Codename: Panzers Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.2/10

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Codename: Panzers Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 8/10 Sep 30 '04
Thunderbolt 7/10 Sep 23 '04
Actiontrip 71% Oct 08 '04
Adrenaline Vault 4/5 Sep 30 '04
Games Extreme 80/100 Aug 03 '04
Gamespot 8.8/10 Oct 01 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Oct 03 '04
ic-games 94/100 Jul 29 '04
IGN PC 8.3/10 Sep 16 '04 8.6/10 Jul 16 '04
Xbox XS 8.8/10 Aug 16 '04
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Codename: Panzers Previews

website publish date
GameZone Jun 12 '04
IGN PC Feb 20 '04
Worthplaying Mar 18 '04
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GameZone on Jul 16 '04

"So far Codename: Panzers is shaping up to be a fine game in the real time strategy genre. "

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IGN PC on Feb 23 '04

"For all the things that SWINE got wrong, the one positive thing that stood out most about the title were the excellent graphics. Codename: Panzers is built on an even better version of that same..."

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IGN PC on Sep 16 '04

"Some of the rougher edges might detract from the game's strengths but, to be honest, the game quickly moves you past any weak points. The important thing is that the game consistently delivers the..."

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Thunderbolt on May 12 '08

"Although it may be flawed, Codename: Panzers does well to gain a foothold in a market already saturated with similar titles. There's clearly been a lot of effort put into the presentation,..."

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Worthplaying on Jul 16 '04

"Panzers takes you into the heady battles of World War II."

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