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Civil war between Cleopatra and her husband and brother Ptolemeus is raging in Egypt. It's in this era of terror that Thomas, young apprentice, discovers that his master in astrology and astronomy Akkad, serving Cleopatra, and his daughter, with who he's in love, have been kidnapped. He decides to search them and learns that Cleopatra had asked to do a divination to Akkad and that kidnappings have been done by Ptolemeus's siders. The Queen and Thomas decide to make an alliance: she promises that her guards will find Akkad and Iris, in exhange of the stuff necessary to the ritual... The Queen's destiny, as Egypt's, are into Thomas's hands...


  • Multitude of puzzles
  • Astrological gameplay - The zodiacal sign you'll choose in the beginning will have an influence on the game
  • Detailed and realistic graphics
  • Respect for historical precision
  • Inventory with combinable objects
  • Interactive soundtrack created for the game
  • Main menu in 3D

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Windows 2000/XP/Vista <li type="square">Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz or superior <li type="square">RAM: 64 Mb minimum <li type="square">Free Hard Disk: 1.2 Gb minimum <li type="square">DVD-ROM 16 x minimum <li type="square">Video Card 64 Mb compatible DirectX 9 <li type="square">Sound Card compatible DirectX 9

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