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Relive every aspect of the first major battle of the Civil War: Bull Run 1861. The History Channel's: Civil War - Bull Run brings an entire new look and feel to civil war gaming! Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology and real-time strategy decisions on grand battle fields and feel the intense action of the Civil War. Truly a unique gaming experience, Bull Run offers something for everyone from the casual gamer to the most seasoned and salty Civil War buffs. With historically correct maps, and weaponry, Bill Run delivers a fresh, new approach on gaming and the strategic consequences of decision making on the battle fields front lines.


  • Huge world -- covering the entire Bull Run battlefield
  • Modeled with the help of the US Geographical Survey System and Library of Congress historical maps, to include even the most minute detail
  • Three modes of gameplay
  • Open Play: Quick play mode with 4 different difficulty levels
  • Bull Run: Multiple scenarios designed to relive different fronts within the historic Battle of Bull Run
  • Custom Scenarios: Alternate battles, expanding on themes from the historic Battle of Bull Run
  • Completely Free-Form Camera -- view the entire battlefield from any vantage point at any time
  • Interactive AI -- the enemy troops next move is completely based on your actions
  • All 3D directional sounds -- hear not only the battle you are taking part in, but also what is happening at other locations and all across the battle field
  • Live Terrain affects defensive bonus, marching speed, fatigue and elevation bonuses/penalties when firing weapons
  • Player is actually in the game, playing as a historical commander
  • Each officer has 5 traits that affect personality, performance and tactical decision making on the battle field
  • Control 1000's of troops including Generals, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Supply Wagons
  • All weapons are historically modeled based on their range, accuracy, rate of fire and reliability
  • Players are able to create their own scenarios or to play within the custom scenario option

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Windows 98/2000/ME/XP <li type="square">Processor: Pentium III 500 Mhz <li type="square">RAM: 64 MB <li type="square">Hard Drive: 200 MB <li type="square">CD-ROM: 8X <li type="square">Video Card: 8 MB DirectX compatible

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This is not simply a game. It is a simulator for Civil War Combat (the whole 19th...

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