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Average Review Score: 6.9/10

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Chrome Reviews

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GameDaily 7/10 Jan 07 '04
EuroGamer 5/10 Oct 06 '03
FiringSquad 74% Nov 06 '03
Gamer's Hell 7.5/10 Oct 08 '03
Gamespot 7.2/10 Oct 31 '03
Gamespy 3/5 Nov 23 '03
IGN PC 7.9/10 Nov 24 '03
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EuroGamer on Oct 06 '03

"...there is nothing remarkable, interesting or surprising about Chrome. It retreads the path of a hundred games before it, fails to beat its own track in any way, and still gets caught in the..."

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Gamer's Hell on Oct 08 '03

"Seeing as it offers great graphics, decent audio and mediocre game play, this game is a mixed bag."

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Gamespot on Nov 03 '03

"Chrome could have been an excellent shooter if it wasn't held back by some noticeable problems."

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Gamespy on Dec 05 '03

"A mysterious, precious metal rules the universe of Chrome, a fun little shooter from Techland."

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IGN PC on Nov 25 '03

"It's not going to appeal to everyone, but this one's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something a little different in the FPS realm."

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