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When I awoke, we were in the forest we'd played in so often as kids.

"...lise! Elise!"
I could hear the voice of my sister calling me.
I glanced in the direction of the sound,
expecting to see my worried sister...

Translucent wings on a tiny body...

There was a fairy where my sister should have been.

Could this be the witch's curse?...

If it is, then there's only one answer:
we find the witch... and make her turn Chante back!

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Dee played Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters
Dee and 8 others own Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters
Now that I know how to dash, I might just get past the first boss. Decent game so far. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC

Carpe Fulgar scored a hit when they choose to localize Recettear for English speaking...

Finally beat the game. Now just got the bonus dungeon to clear. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC
Some of those hidden chests can be a pain in the rear to figure out how to activate. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC
Boss of the 4th dungeon was somewhat easier, partly because it doesn't use near impossible to dodge attacks while you figure the trick out. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC
Cool, I have a healing spell now. Didn't stop the boss from wiping the floor with me first time. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC
Wow, Chantelise sure makes things difficult. I had to buy multiple health boosters just to make it through the 2nd dungeon. ChanteliseATaleOfTwoSisters PC

“When I looked before me,
the red moon illuminated someone standing there.
Who is it? ...

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