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Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Champions Online Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Computer Ed  --- May 15 '11
1UP B Sep 18 '09
Computer and Video Games 7.4/10 Sep 30 '09
Destructoid  --- Oct 02 '09
GameSpot 7.5/10 Sep 11 '09
Gamespy 2/5 Sep 16 '09
GameZone 8.4/10 Sep 21 '09
IGN PC 7.6/10 Sep 16 '09
IGN PC 6.5/10 Dec 03 '10
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Champions Online Previews

website publish date article rating
GameZone Jul 18 '08
IGN PC Feb 06 '09
Destructoid Jul 13 '09
Destructoid Mar 30 '09
Gamespy Jul 08 '09
Gamespy Sep 08 '09
GameZone Aug 27 '09
GameZone Aug 28 '09
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1UP on

"To be completely blunt, Champions Online is, for all intents and purposes, "City of Heroes 2." It's far easier to mention those occasions where it departs from its predecessor than to enumerate the..."

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Computer and Video Games on

"Need a hero? Just wave a quest icon and they'll all come running"

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Computer Ed on

"I go back with Champions a LONG time, first starting to play the pen and paper version in late 1981. During the following years I played it off and on a lot and have some great memories including..."

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Destructoid on

"Ah, the MMO. It's a tricky beast, alright. Making one seems to be such a delicate process. As developers and publishers try to replicate the immense success of World of Warcraft, we've seen few s..."

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Destructoid on

"I'll be the first to admit: The idea of being a superhero has been a stupid little fantasy of mine many times in my life. Who doesn't want to be able to have amazing powers and do awesome things,..."

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