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Prepare to unleash the absolute latest in modern weapons technology against the world's most powerful Generals in Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. In the next era of military strategy and might, you'll need to command a more technologically advanced arsenal to defeat new, more powerful enemies. The first expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Command & Conquer Generals challenges players to square off against the world's most elite commanders for battlefield domination. Even the most experienced C&C Generals veteran must learn new strategies and tactics to take full advantage of -- and learn to defend against -- the next generation of the world's most lethal weapons. With new units, structures, and upgrades, as well as the all-new Generals Challenge Mode, Zero Hour delivers all the firepower you'll need in your quest to become the ultimate modern warfare General.


  • Next-Generation Weapons for the Next Generation of War
    Unload on your enemies with an all-new, hi-tech arsenal featuring 30 new units and 20 new upgrades from the Chinese ECM Tank to the United States Spectre Gunship.
  • The Ultimate Challenge
    Enlist in the all-new Generals Challenge mode where you match your strategies-and your next-generation arsenal-against 9 enemy AI Generals with unique personalities, tactics, and taunts.
  • New Missions, Tomorrow's Headlines
    Destroy the U.S. fleet in the Mediterranean, root out a splinter cell in Cairo, infiltrate a U.S. intelligence building, and send in special operatives to capture weapons of mass destruction.
  • More Ways to Achieve Global Domination
    Utilize a massive arsenal of new units, new structures, and new upgrades-next-generation military advancements include weapons designed with microwave, laser, and satellite technology.
  • Combat Training
    The all-new Combat School feature tracks your stats and provides post-mission analysis-study the feedback to improve your battle strategy.
  • Combat the Elements
    Weather effects further immerse you in a more realistic combat environment.

Hardware Requirements

System: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor or equivalent
Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM
Hard Drive Space: 1400 MB
Mouse: Yes
Sound Board: Yes
DirectX: DirectX v8.1

Recommended System Requirements
System: 1.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor or equivalent
3D Sound Card: Yes

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