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Carpocalypse Now! is the eagerly awaited sequel to the sensational Game of the Year smash and trash blockbuster 'Carmageddon'. The maddest ride in the history of racing games just got a major dose of steroids. Buckle up and hold on tight as you take the wheel and cause fender bending mayhem once more.


  • A multitude of manic drivers. A feast of formidable race circuits.
  • Reckless driving gains points - annihilate anything and everything in your path.
  • Waste trains, planes and slaughtermobiles!
  • Smash, trash, crumple, burn, blast, skid and jump with sick bag inducing realism.
  • 30 gruelling new tracks, 10 manic mission levels and 10 stunning new environments, with even more freedom, power ups and cunning stunt bonuses than you ever dreamed possible.
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Back in the day this was my favorite game. i loved running over people and crashing cars. ah memories. Carmageddon2 PC
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