Taking on the character of Max Damage, you have total freedom to play the game any way you want: play the tracks; waste your opponents; or rack up the points by ridding the world of hideous zombie mutations. Discover pick-ups such as the 'slaughter mortar' for that extra killing edge. It's total freedom; there are no rules- just drive to survive. Features 20 cars, and 32 tracks in 8 areas.


  • Total freedom to race, chase, and annihilate anywhere on the map

  • 20 cars with their own individual characteristics

  • 40 different tracks spread out over 10 areas

  • Artificial intelligence that is divided into 5 modes

Hardware Requirements

OS: IBM PC and compatibles with MS-DOS 6.2 or above
CPU: Pentium 90
Ram: 16 MB RAM
CD-ROM:4x CD-ROM drive with MSCDEX 2.25 and above
Multiplayer network game requires IPX network
20 MB hard disk space
VGA and SVGA graphics support (1 MB graphics card required)
Supports Sound Blaster and 100 percent compatible sound cards
Supported peripherals: mouse (Microsoft mouse and 100 percent compatible), joysticks, steering wheels (Thrustmaster, Mad Katz, and Performa)
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The original car carnage game Carmageddon is now available on GOG, so you can relive the glory days for $10 and... posted Sep 27, 12 7:33am

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