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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 provides you with savage animal encounters and a true adrenaline-pumping experience. Expert regional guides will lead you on 12 epic adventures to exotic locations around the globe in search of the world's most dangerous animals in this story-based journey. Watch out, not everyone is going to make it back to the lodge alive!


  • Beware when embarking on this adventure - These beasts are more ferocious and dangerous than ever before with innate predator instincts.
  • Rescue others in danger - Take on the world's most dangerous animals on their own turf in order to rescue others in eminent danger.
  • Hunt from a helicopter or truck in regions never before seen in a hunting game - Russia, Argentina, and India.
  • Ammo is limited - You must often employ vicious "hand-to-claw" combat maneuvers, as well as use environmental objects to defend yourself.
  • All-new companion system - Expert regional guides will lead you through different environments and from one encounter to the next serving as a resource you will need to protect and occasionally offer as bait.
  • Three gameplay mechanics - Sniping, shooting from the back of a vehicle, and fighting up close & personal.
  • 20 exotic species and 12 global locations - Hunt Rhinos in India, Lions in Africa, Polar bears in Russia and much, much, more!

Hardware Requirements

    •Operating System(s): Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

    •Minimum Processor: Pentium III 866 Mhz

    •RAM: 128 MB

    •Hard Drive: 800 MB

    •Video Card: 32 MB DirectX 9 Compatible 3D Accelerator

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