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Take control of Sgt. Matt Baker, the hero of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, once again in the third installment of the Brothers In Arms franchise. Lead Joe Hartsock(the hero from BiA: Earned in Blood) and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division as you are dropped into Operation Market Garden, in an attempt to open "Hell's Highway" to bring a quick end to the war.


Brothers In Arms is all about the 4 F's: find, fix, flank, and finish. As the leader of your squad it is your duty to command your troops in the best way possible while you fight with German opposition in epic gunfights. Unlike the other two Brothers In Arms games, you now have three different types of groups to lead into battle. A fire and an assault team, and depending on the mission a bazooka team, mortar crew, machine gun crew, or radio team. Engage the enemies with authentic WW2 weaponry, such as the M1 Garand, the Thompson sub-machine gun, an MG42, and lots more.


  • Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway - Next Generation. The classic authentic, squad-based combat series explodes on next-generation hardware, offering unprecedented graphics and features.

  • New Story, New Setting. Follow Matt Baker, Joe Hartsock and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division in Operation Market-Garden as they fight to open infamous Hell's Highway in a daring bid for a quick end to the war.

  • Live the Life of an Enlisted Man. Get orders from HQ, go on patrol, spot the enemy, and set up a devastating ambush. For the first time, finding the enemy before they find you is part of the challenge.

  • Unprecedented Character Design. Lifelike characters look, talk, move, and think with incredible realism. Game characters interact with the player and each other like true brothers-in-arms, trading ammunition, helping wounded allies, working together to man team-operated weapons, and more.

  • Rich Cinematic Experience. As the squad leader, you interact and get to know your brothers through the game. Each character has his own personality, unique story and background and grows through the game.

  • Powerful New Units Under Your Command. Players can use or command combined arms teams – machine gun crews create intense fire, bazooka crews destroy buildings and tanks, and mortar crews pound the enemy from a distance.

  • Step into the Boots of a Soldier. Hit the dirt and get prone, rip grenades from your chest and hurl them at your enemies. See and feel the blast of nearby explosions.

  • Destroyable Cover. Keep your men moving, and choose your cover wisely – simulated with real physics, weapons will damage, dent, scorch, and destroy the world around you.

  • Completely New Multiplayer Experience. Fight major Multiplayer battles with dozens of players on each side; all the intensity and accessibility of Deathmatch meshed with the squad-based gameplay that helped make Brothers in Arms famous.

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