Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure telling the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives. The girl has been chosen by her village to be sacrificed to a terrible monster--but she decides to fight back. Meanwhile, a boy on a spaceship is living a solitary life under the care of a motherly computer, but he wants to break free to lead adventures and do good in the world. Adventures ensue.

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Double Fine's adventure game Broken Age is now available! Well, kind of. It's available to a... posted Jan 15, 14 9:27pm

A Broken Age backer-only message leaked online from Tim Schafer yesterday where he admits that the project will... posted Jul 03, 13 8:32am

As a backer of the original Double Fine Kickstarter project for what is now known as Broken Age, it's rather... posted Mar 28, 13 9:22am

During Double Fine's PAX East panel today they gave a sneak peek at what was to come in the Double Fine... posted Mar 24, 13 11:44am

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