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Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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Breed Reviews

website score publish date
Fragland 76% Apr 22 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.7/10 Jun 20 '04
Thunderbolt 4/10 Jan 15 '05
Actiontrip 59/100 Mar 25 '04
Adrenaline Vault 2.5/5 May 17 '04
Gamer's Hell 8.5/10 Mar 23 '04
Gamespot 4.2/10 Apr 16 '04
Gamespy 2/5 May 22 '04
IGN PC 7.3/10 Apr 15 '04
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Actiontrip on Mar 30 '04

"Your task in this game will be to lead a squad of marines through thick and thin as you attempt to bring down Breed structures with the strength of arms, sabotage their facilities, and so on." "

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Gamer's Hell on Mar 24 '04

"The game offers tons and tons of missions, and swarms of enemy soldiers to kill. All of these elements combined with a great graphical engine make for an extremely addictive game."

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Gamespot on Apr 19 '04

"Breed makes a horrible first impression and then keeps making more bad impressions as you play."

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IGN PC on Apr 16 '04

"For a game that's been in development for so long, I didn't expect the game to feel so fragile and rushed. With a few patches, especially a game crasher fix, it's good for some mindless action, but..."

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Thunderbolt on May 30 '08

"The saddest part about Breed is not that it�s a horrible game; it�s that deep inside there�s a good game. All of the ideas were right, but the execution failed on nearly all aspects. After..."

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