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Lost in the desert and dying of thirst, the Bone cousins are separated by an angry swarm of locusts. Now Fone Bone, armed only with a mysterious map and his well-loved copy of Moby Dick, searches a strange valley to try and find his lost relatives. Along the way he will come face to face with its unusual denizens and begin to be drawn into the greater intrigues that surround the valley.

Bone brings you all the humor, charm and mystery of Jeff Smith's acclaimed comic book series. Explore familiar locations and interact with its residents in this character driven adventure.

Hardware Requirements

    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Windows XP or Vista <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">1.5GHz processor <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">256MB RAM <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">32MB 3D-accelerated video card <li style="list-style: none">

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