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Bloodline Champions represents the next generation of arena-based multiplayer games.
Offering fun and fast-paced action, Bloodline Champions provides a challenge for both casual and hardcore gamers. Battle it out with thousands of other players from all over the world and master your bloodlines in the quest to become the ultimate champion!


Easy To Learn, Challenging to Master
Sporting intuitive controls and an optimized interface, Bloodline Champions will have you enjoying the game right off the bat. A robust matchmaking system places you among players relative to your own skill level, meaning that you will be dealing damage and scoring victories from the very start of the game.

Completely Based on Player Skill
Bloodline Champions is completely based on player skill. Spells and abilities do a set amount of damage and gone are critical hits and passive avoidance abilities. Spells travel to your point of aim and can be avoided by enemy players, making every ability dependent on individual player skill!

Diverse and Exciting Bloodlines
The Bloodline Champions class system features well known archetypes such as tanks, healers, ranged damage dealers and melee damage dealers. Every class is self-reliant to some extent and there's plenty of hybrids to suit every need, making the number of viable team setups virtually endless!

Tailored for Competitive Gaming
Bloodline Champions is great for quick, casual gameplay sessions. But for those who want to engage in an even deeper experience, the game offers a flexible tournament system as well as featuring a robust profile and statistics system that will let you keep a constant eye on your progress through the game.

Intense, Action-Filled Experience
Spread across Conquest, Capture the Artifact, and Arena game modes, Bloodline Champions​ offers short and intense rounds of action. Less downtime eliminates bottlenecks in the flow of action. Short cooldowns coupled with a smaller global cooldown ensures that you will always have a spell of some kind ready!

Hardware Info

Minimum System Requirements
OS : Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 3.2 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 1 GB XP, 2 GB Vista / 7
Video Card: 128MB nVidia or AMD/ATI RAM, Shader Model 3

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Awesome action RPG game with no levels, gear, or random chances. Everything is skill-based, you have to aim your attacks and heals. BloodlineChampionsChampionEdition PC
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