In the realm of the Absolute, the immortal Modo has been stripped of his powers and sent to live on the Earth as a mortal in punishment for his crimes in the afterlife. Now the furious Modo is on a quest to not only regain his lost powers, but to gain enough strength to destroy the Earth once and for all. As the story's hero, the player must decide whether to thwart Modo's plans for destruction and ultimately defeat this evil being, or instead aid him in his diabolical quest.


The game is set in a richly detailed medieval-style world, allowing the player a wide variety of choices both in individual quests and character development. In Blood Magic you can choose to play as one of four main characters: the awkward scholar, the baker's wife, the weird gypsy or the fat friar. There are a dozen different fields of magic and over 100 weapons in the game, allowing the players many choices for specialization.

This feature is especially useful in multiplayer games, allowing each member of a party to have a unique specialization. The multiplayer aspect of Blood Magic is the most innovative system seen in any modern RPG. In addition to converting the single-player story line to allow multiplayer campaigns, players may take their multiplayer characters and compete in 2-person duels or in large arenas against many others in true melee combat. The most novel aspect of the magic system is the ability to combine spells. This ability, combined with over 60 unique spells, creates nearly limitless spell possibilities.


  • Not your run-of-the-mill RPG; a clever, original storyline with unusual characters and enemies.
  • Vast spell system of over a dozen different spell fields allowing for player character specializations.
  • Unique spell combinations feature, creating nearly limitless spell
  • Various modes of multi-player online gameplay, including both cooperative and competitive games.
  • Fully supported online community environment, with Clans, Player Matching services and online Marketplace.
  • Detailed characters and highly detailed buildings and environments.
  • Realistic projection of shadows from dynamic light sources, casting shadows from every element of geometry.

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