: : : : : Blitzkrieg: Total Challenge III


Blitzkrieg: Total Challenge III is add-on for Blitzkrieg, award-winning russian RTS.


  • 24 single player missions on 24 new, highly detailed maps with very different mission objectives
  • Sperber nightfightinggroup with Panther (IR infrared), SD KFZ 251/20 Uhu with IR light, SD KFZ 251/20 Falke for Panzergrenadiere with MP 44 Vampire Lancaster Bomber and JU 88 Bomber with night camouflage
  • Blitzkrieg with it´s own airfield and more than 60 new units
  • New variants of units, for example Hungarian, French and Polish units
  • Many new 3D models: SD KFZ 251 open hatch with MG, as pioneer vehicle, with cannon, as commander vehicle with antennas, Sherman Jumbo and Sherman Firefly, T44, KV 3, KV 5, busses, trams and many more
  • German wonderweapons such as Coelian aa-gun, Kugelblitz, Panther II, radio guided bomb vehicle Springer, infantry tank Kätzchen, V2 rocket
  • New planes like the Heinkel He 177, Natter rocket fighter, Arado 234 Blitzbomber, Mosquito recon plane
  • New pathfinding for infantry and vehicles
  • Enhanced AI scripting for retreats, surrender, counter attacks new effects
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