Black & White is a cross-genre game which involves resource management, spellcasting skills, battle strategy and parenting skills. The game is played in real time, and multiplayer play using networks and internet play will be made available.


  • Player has control of a God and the ability to rule a society of people who worship your character

  • Choice one of two paths: the evil path or the good path; treat your people awfully or divinely

  • Ability to raise a creature who reflects the nature of the player's God

  • Abilty to fight against rival Gods with the fully grown-up creature

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000,
350mhz processor, 64mb RAM,
600mb Hard Drive Space,
CD or DVD 4x speed drive,
8mb Graphics Card PCI/AGP,
Direct3D 3D accelerator, Direct X 7.0a, Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer - TCP/IP 56kbps modem

Official URL

Official Site
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bloody brilliant game BlackandWhite PC

You are a god who is trying to become the most powerful,as all the other gods in this...


There were some times when I laughed because of things that happened during the...


well this is a game where you can be your true self. A GOD. you control the fate of...


I think that this is a great game. It has all the great qualities a game could have: ...


When you play for good your creature starts to look wussy but the more evil you get...


Excellent game.
Has good gameplay, good graphics, good AI; everything is ideal.


A great game for about 5 hours then you just want to go back to the classics.


Considering this game took the guys at Lionhead three years to create, you would...


B&W is a brilliant, original game with many twists that will keep you amused for ages!...

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