In the 26th century, mankind has expanded across the galaxy, yet only few of its colonies are controlled by Hunmans. The true rulers are the cybernetically enhanced Tyi and the biogenetically perfected Genides. Their striving for total control over all human species drives them into the territoty of an ancient alien race that does not tolerate other cosic civilisations.

To survive this war and uncover the motives of the alien's destructive behaviour, you are forced to join one of two dominant human races. Their search for the origin of the race for the Restorers become a race for survival of all three human species.


  • Realtime Action: Fighters, carriers and other capital ships engage in space battles of epic proportions, fought out between up to 300 players seeking fame, power, resources and the control over strategically important space stations.

  • Modular Fighter Construction System: Individually modify and optimise your ship with a vast range of modules, parts and weapons which offer a tremendous number of possible combinations to perfectly match your style of play.

  • Clan Space Stations: Clans can acquire their own space stations and modify them with new modules and functions to fit their needs.

  • Innovative Mission System: Play by yourself, in a Clan, or together with a whole fleet to subdue your opponents and uncover secrets of cosmic proportions. Victory and defeat of every battle affects the well-being of your faction and influences the whole game world. Capture precious resources to improve your ship, your space station and the power of your Clan.

  • Spectacular Audiovisual Presentation: Utilising state-of-the-art graphic technology and a cinematic orchestra soundtrack, Black Prophecy creates a captivating atmosphere unknown to any other MMO.

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