In 2080, nine powerful cartels known as Illuminati are engaged in a struggle for the control of mankind. Motivated by their own special interests, these manipulative Illuminati head towards a perilous endgame, and players find themselves in the role of a mercenary walking the gray line of right and wrong. Black9 is a Machiavellian world full of greediness and betrayal, and players will need to be resourceful in order to stay true to their own code.


  • Mission-based gameplay: Both tactical action and stealth.

  • Full arsenal of weaponry: In addition to nanotech abilities and vehicles to command.

  • Third-person point of view: With a situational first-person camera.

  • Engrossing Story Line: Story interwoven through nine scheming illuminati.

  • Fascinating environments: Including Moon, Mars, Seoul, Macau, and Shanghai.

  • RPG-style character development: Streamlined skill development & inventory system.

  • Your choice of character: Select and develop one of four mercenaries from four character classes.

  • Build specific abilities through gameplay experience:Complete missions a variety of ways and interact with the non-playable characters to determine your character's development.

  • Equipment: Equip your mercenary with hi-tech gadgetry, weapons, and body reconstructors.

  • Online play:

  • Multiplayer goodies: Customized levels and missions for the multiplayer modes.

  • Unreal Warfare engine: With MathEngine's Karma physics support.

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