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Average Review Score: 9.5/10

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BioShock Reviews

website score publish date
Hooked Gamers 9/10 Aug 27 '07
GameDaily 10/10 Aug 22 '07
AtomicGamer 91% Aug 24 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 10/10 Sep 13 '07
Gamespot 9.0/10 Aug 22 '07
Gamespy 5/5 Aug 24 '07
IGN PC 9.7/10 Aug 17 '07
YouGamers 95/100 Aug 28 '07
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BioShock Previews

website publish date Jul 18 '07
IGN PC Aug 24 '06
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AtomicGamer on Aug 27 '07

"While one could buy the game online via either Steam or Direct2Drive, this doesn't get around the technical problems many are having with the retail version. If you find you've always had problems..."

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"Bioshock is a fusion of 1920s art deco level design and a 1950s take on the effects of genetic engineering, played in a 1960s setting and if we could promise you anything it’d be that, come the end..."

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IGN PC on Aug 25 '06

"While most RPGs stress heavy stats with lots of numbers and modifiers, BioShock is going to favor a more tangible, grounded system. Instead of allocating a bunch of points to stats such as..."

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IGN PC on Aug 20 '07

"Irrational had a clear vision with this game, something pulled off with remarkable precision in every department. They didn't just deliver something that's fun to play, a criterion so often cited..."

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