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BioShock Own / Want List

Username Comments
Dark Arcanine None
chautemoc None
R3sistance None
ShadowJ awesome
Ares81883 None
shadow dream keeper None
djjimmy2k2 None
billabong52 None
Shadow of Death None
Chiggins None
redhotbaconcheese None
Rising_Phoenix None
Trafalgar Almost on a par with HL2; I enjoyed this game so much.
ACY3 None
Dark_Orc None
Media Cult None
Evanescence15 With code
Northern49 None
DarkkTrainerr None
Glotnot None
Braden None
Eternal None
Subtle Demise None
tekmosis awesome game; had to format my PC when I was halfway through this and haven't had the time to get back into it agian.
Kool Mode D None
kumozero None
Larxiz None
FrostedStorm None
Sky115 None
Hellfire29 None
Jesh None
master keaton None
Sabre Another great FPS. Deep and intriguing story.
DavidVilla7 None
Saransh Comsole None
SuchLikeSplash None
sonofcaine None
Frost None
GLaDOS portal None
Lorx None
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Ryan78 None
NoFate None
US_Soldier Awesome Shooter. Recommend to all!
lucyreveur None
CA2192 None
Avator None
Nagare None
PandaSmuggl3r None
wolfie1215 Haven't finished yet!!!