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20 years after the 8-bit classic was released, Bionic Commando Rearmed recreates the world of the original with a complete "2.5D" visual revamp. Bionic Commando Rearmed preserves the original's mix of swinging and shooting in an intense 2D side-scroller, all to the tune of a brand-new soundtrack based on the classic 8-bit music from the NES masterpiece.


  • Classic Bionic Commando side-scrolling gameplay, updated with new abilities, weapons and bosses
  • 2-player co-op mode
  • Total modern visual and audio revamp
  • Cross-game interoperability – complete specific parts of Bionic Commando Rearmed to unlock new content and hints for the Bionic Commando sequel
  • Challenge Rooms – obstacles courses and swing puzzles that test your skills, with your best times ranked against other users in online leaderboards
  • Top-Down Stages – the return of the top-down scrolling gameplay of the original’s “Enemy Encounter” stages, with remixed music from the classic Commando!
  • Multiplayer – up to 4 players can face off in a frantic melee of shooting and swinging!
  • In-game art designed by Shinkiro, one of Capcom’s most talented artists

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Nice remake by capcom, Rearmed is a great game to play single player and multiplayer! BionicCommandoRearmed PC
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