: : : : : Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing


From the desert to the plains, you'll be hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead of the law, as you climb into your big rig for non-stop driving action. Race across America and deliver your load to its destination before the competition. so keep the tank full and your pedal to the metal as you rackup points and own the road.

It doesn't appear anyone else has written a serious review for this piece of crap, and...

I want to buy every copy of this game on earth, just to urinate on them. BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing PC

Soung- 5/5! The techno remix is amazing, and you could listen to it for years without...


sound:none!!!<br>graphics: suck!!!!<br>collision detection: none!!! (you can friking...


this is by-far the coolest game i've never played. you dont need any cheat codes! for...

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