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You are a servant of the Divine - scourge of necromancers and sorcerers alike. Your purpose in life is to fight all that is evil using any means possible. Your dilemma… during an intense battle with one of the great necromancers, a demon drags you into its universe. There you are soul-forged with a Death-knight. You are cursed and destined to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil.However, the Death-knight dislikes the soul forging as much as you do and together you embark on a great adventure. You both have a common goal… to undo the soul forging. You and your unlikely companion quickly figure out that the only way to rid this curse is if you unlock the secret of riftrunning – an ancient art that allowed the prison universe's indigenous population to travel between universes. Your quest is set: To become a Riftrunner!


  • A deep and detailed storyline filled with plot twists and over 300 sub-quests.
  • New style of gameplay featuring the unique summoning dolls and total party control using a more intuitive and advanced combat system.
  • More than 290 skills to learn including advanced alchemy, craftsmanship, trap creation, nature & weather magic, equipment embellishing etc...
  • Over 300 equipment classes and plenty of unique items
  • Over 140 different npc & monster classes.
  • More than 600 different NPC to interact with.
  • Updated graphics engine including real time 3D characters with support for DX9 & higher resolutions
  • Next generation character development system with new skills, attributes and advanced character customization options
  • Total character customization
  • Real time generation of dungeons, maps and quest

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium 800 MHz or better
256 MB RAM
2 GB Free hard disk space
DirectX 8.1 or later
Quad speed CD-ROM drive

Editor's Note:

Previously titled "Riftrunner".

Added on: June 11, 2003

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